Poromenos' Adventures

These are some adventures with my friends. Most are evil, and have been edited mainly for bandwidth reasons. The ASCII logs are from my private record, the color logs are the ones we had the foresight to log in colour. Yes, I am a horrible, horrible person.

Murders in Rue Newb (co-starring: Jerald)

Disclaimer: It is not nice to do this to new players. They are just starting and they deserve our support, so we made sure we did not contact people who had a lot to lose, and we gave them some gold after the deed. I do not recommend anyone does this to new players. It might be fun, but imagine if someone did it to you when you started playing. I don't feel proud for most of these, but some are good fun.

Prologue/The Oracle.



Fan mail.

The Daring Escapades (co-starring: Fuross)

Equestrian sex ed class.
Impromptu wedding.