Database examples

Available fields:

name: The item's name.
nick: The item's nickname.
price: The item's price.
area: The item's area, as it appears in "areas", or "OOG".
mobname: The name of the mob that has the item, or "OOG", or "area pop".
wearloc: The wear location of the item.


where: selects a specific field using =, >, <, !=. You also use AND, OR, XOR.
order by: sorts the list by a specific field.


where price > 10 and price < 100 order by price
Finds items with price greater than 10 and less than 100 and orders them by price.

where wearloc="ankle" and price < 10 order by area
Finds anklets that cost less than 10 and orders them by area.

where area="Town of Solace" and wearloc="wield"
Finds all weapons from Solace.

order by price
orders all the items by price.